Tuesday, July 14, 2015


The first four weeks after planting     produced healthy, green, leafy growth
as seen in these June 16 photos. 

At this stage, the plants had reached about 8”-10”. As expected, I did need reassurance from my expert gardener, Mindy, to undertake the next step. I covered the stem and some leaves with more soil.Over the next few weeks as the plants grew, I continued to bury them when they reached about 8”-10”.

As of July 14, I had added soil two more times and the tower was about two-thirds filled. The plants are now producing flower buds. I added soil one more time. The mounds that I planted in the ground nearby have already started to flower so I have stopped adding more soil.They are still looking healthy and strong. 

July 14

     Still cautiously optimistic!

Potato Flowers 

While the potato plants have been doing their thing with minimal involvement from me, I have been doing my thing! Finding great ideas for schoolyard gardens and funding sources to support them. More on that later!