Tuesday, January 27, 2015


I am a landscape architect, educator and most importantly a mother of 4 children
The summit of Mt. Washington
(all who have left the nest!).  All of these roles involved nurturing living things and so it was not a surprise that I found myself
25 years into a career as a landscape architect combining my love of children and nature into a new business venture, Naturally Rooted LLCfocusing on designing and creating environments for children that provide strong connections to the natural world.

It all began about 10 years ago when I was approached to help a local elementary school redesign and renovate an aging playground. The staff and parents wanted a "barrier free" schoolyard that incorporated nature based components and featuresWhat resulted was more than a natural playground: it was a barrier free environment for children that promoted nature based learning, imaginative play, socialization and physical activity. This experience introduced me to the growing movement to reconnect children to the natural world. 

As principle of Naturally Rooted LLC, I help schools and childcare centers create nature based play and learning environments. In the process I have faced road blocks and frustrations but also immense satisfaction and successes. The purpose of this Blog is to share projects, ideas, philosophies and resources for getting children "naturally rooted". My goal is to make a difference in children's lives by inspiring and educating parents and caregivers to find affordable, creative and sustainable ways to bring the natural world into their children's daily lives. 
Franklin Head Start Play Yard
 I hope that you will be inspired! 
 Watch for my next post:
 "Winter is the Time to Plan A Summer Garden"

Look What I Found…

Trees R Us Video

This video is a response to an ad Toys “R” Us ran in 2013. This video was filmed at the Juniper Hill School for place-based education in Maine. A great perspective on connecting children to nature. 
Check it out!